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A. EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS1. 3bh paralon size 1 "- 2" according to taste (the bigger the better)• 1bh to vertical in the pool (paralon A)• 1bh to elongate based ponds (under tarps). (Paralon B)• 1bh for vertical outside the pool (paralon C)2. Paralon 1bh short, size 10-15cm (size according paralon above) (paralon D)3. 1bh reply leherna knee width (adjust size paralon) (knee A)4. 1bh reply leherna knee shorts (size adjusting paralon) (knee B)5. 1bh quasi drat in (pake other one with a quasi-brand external drat, though more fitting round ulirnya) (adjust size paralon)6. Drat quasi 1bh outside (yg pake one brand with a quasi-drat in, though more fitting round ulirnya) (adjust size paralon)7. 1bh aica aibon glue / glue tangit8. Sandpaper9. new-cutter knife n sharp.10. n drill small drill bit.11. Hacksaw
B. LAND PREPARATION:1. make a hole (caren-term Java) on the ground on one side near the bamboo frame size 50cm x 50cm 20-30cm deep.2. set the bottom of the pool so skewed towards all caren / hole. slope of 10% is enough I guess.3. try ground pool and caren smooth, there ndak batu2/kerikil, so ndak damage if trodden underfoot sheeting and dirt facilitate passing (not obstructed gundukan2 rock / soil)4. Tebari 10cm thick husk based caren pool and make it more tender when stepped on.5. for excavation and extends the reply, from the middle out of the pool until caren. to lay plastic gutter under the tarp.6. degree tarp and laid out, but do not be tied-belt first, we need to attach quasi masi drat in
Hints:installation of basic drainage sequence from top to bottom.1. quasi drat in2. sheeting (who later dilubang after stapled)3. paralon D4. A knee5. paralon B.
1. one end paralon saws D is 5cm deep.2. paralon D sandpaper exterior and interior of the quasi-drat in the rough until tasteless.3. spread with aica aibon part and sanded before4. pairs (the sequence from below) paralon D - tarpaulin (right in the middle caren) - quasi-drat in5. sheeting clip to paralon D, and enter into a quasi-drat in the paralon.• sheeting will be squeezed between paralon D n in the quasi-drat.• will be very difficult to incorporate quasi-drat it.(So ​​it must be assisted pounded slowly in order to go until pol)6. when it entered pol, please allow the glue to dry n-slide can not slide anymore.7. who caught the tarp was ripped pake dalamna cutter, so hollow now.(From this hole, water will be flowing out of the pool)8. trus pralon D side which fitted knee lainna A. glued so strong.9. trus other side of the knee who fitted paralon A B. under the tarp.10. layout / insert pairs in quasi drat paralon + D + A + knee paralon B, was into the ground (see point B.5 above), arrange for quasi drat in parallel to the surface caren.11. to be the result of a flat (no tongolan):sheeting can be removed up until tomorrow drat enveloped in tarpaulin and then glued to the end of quasi-junction and was given an iron ring at the end of tomorrow.then planted until the / lower than the surface caren.That's the purpose in points B.5 in document aplesi.Will there be a third elevation. The highest elevation is the pool and then down to caren and then dropped down the drain.12. flops paralon B pake iron pieces 8 to ndak geser2 and filled in with soil.
here until we've made the holes and channels in BASIC pool tarp, which serves to remove dirt based pool.
TIPS:1. create a rather large and wide ditch paralon B tip, to accommodate the wastewater pond and its water flows into the main sewer.2. Or it can also waste water flowed into a pond tarp posisina lower reservoir in a way to rake the soil and then covered with tarps. (Pond reservoir can also be used as a pool Azolla)3. When we make a few ponds that line, make caren position in each pool the same place. This will make the pond look more presentable.
D. SURFACE WATER DISPOSAL POND INSTALLATION1. Connect the external and quasi drat paralon A. Glued let strong.2. Way of fitting into the hole to stay rotated wrote. See you tomorrow Sok drat drat the outside.3. Assumptions pool elevation is 1m, and the maximum water height is 80cm. A perforated plastic gutter then use a small drill bit drill + height 80cm.4. Upper drainage is complete. When the water will rise above 80cm, then the water will come out through the small holes.

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